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UNIX Manual Index

Kernel API (2.6.13 , SUSE 10.0)

NS8390_init  initialize 8390 hardware
USB_DEVICE  macro used to describe a specific usb device
USB_DEVICE_INFO  macro used to describe a class of usb devices
USB_DEVICE_VER  macro used to describe a specific usb device with a version range
USB_INTERFACE_INFO  macro used to describe a class of usb interfaces
__alloc_ei_netdev  alloc_etherdev counterpart for 8390
__alloc_percpu  allocate one copy of the object for every present
__atapi_pio_bytes  Transfer data from/to the ATAPI device.
__bio_clone  clone a bio
__bread  reads a specified block and returns the bh
__break_lease  revoke all outstanding leases on file
__change_bit  Toggle a bit in memory
__copy_from_user_inatomic  Copy a block of data from user space, with less checking.
__copy_to_user_inatomic  Copy a block of data into user space, with less checking.
__d_drop  drop a dentry
__d_path  return the path of a dentry
__dev_alloc_skb  allocate an skbuff for sending
__dev_get_by_index  find a device by its ifindex
__dev_get_by_name  find a device by its name
__dev_remove_pack  remove packet handler
__ffs  find first bit in word.
__get_user  Get a simple variable from user space, with less checking.
__insert_inode_hash  hash an inode
__kfifo_get  gets some data from the FIFO, no locking version
__kfifo_len  returns the number of bytes available in the FIFO, no locking version
__kfifo_put  puts some data into the FIFO, no locking version
__kfifo_reset  removes the entire FIFO contents, no locking version
__kfree_skb  private function
__kmalloc  allocate memory
__list_for_each  iterate over a list
__mark_inode_dirty  internal function
__pskb_pull_tail  advance tail of skb header
__put_user  Write a simple value into user space, with less checking.
__register_filesystem  register a new filesystem
__sata_phy_reset  Wake/reset a low-level SATA PHY
__set_bit  Set a bit in memory
__setlease  sets a lease on an open file
__test_and_clear_bit  Clear a bit and return its old value
__test_and_set_bit  Set a bit and return its old value
__vmalloc  allocate virtually contiguous memory
__wake_up  wake up threads blocked on a waitqueue.
__wake_up_sync  wake up threads blocked on a waitqueue.
access_ok  Checks if a user space pointer is valid
acpi_bus_register_driver  (unknown subject)
acpi_bus_unregister_driver  (unknown subject)
alloc_netdev  allocate network device
alloc_skb  allocate a network buffer
anon_transport_class_register  register an anonymous class
anon_transport_class_unregister  unregister an anon class
ata_altstatus  Read device alternate status reg
ata_bmdma_irq_clear  Clear PCI IDE BMDMA interrupt.
ata_bmdma_setup  Set up PCI IDE BMDMA transaction
ata_bmdma_setup_mmio  Set up PCI IDE BMDMA transaction
ata_bmdma_setup_pio  Set up PCI IDE BMDMA transaction (PIO)
ata_bmdma_start  Start a PCI IDE BMDMA transaction
ata_bmdma_start_mmio  Start a PCI IDE BMDMA transaction
ata_bmdma_start_pio  Start a PCI IDE BMDMA transaction (PIO)
ata_bmdma_status  Read PCI IDE BMDMA status
ata_bmdma_stop  Stop PCI IDE BMDMA transfer
ata_bus_edd  Issue EXECUTE DEVICE DIAGNOSTIC command.
ata_bus_probe  Reset and probe ATA bus
ata_bus_reset  reset host port and associated ATA channel
ata_busy_sleep  sleep until BSY clears, or timeout
ata_check_atapi_dma  Check whether ATAPI DMA can be supported
ata_check_status  Read device status reg & clear interrupt
ata_check_status_mmio  Read device status reg & clear interrupt
ata_check_status_pio  Read device status reg & clear interrupt
ata_chk_err  Read device error reg
ata_choose_xfer_mode  attempt to find best transfer mode
ata_data_xfer  Transfer data from/to the data register.
ata_dev_classify  determine device type based on ATA-spec signature
ata_dev_config  Run device specific handlers and check for
ata_dev_id_string  Convert IDENTIFY DEVICE page into string
ata_dev_identify  obtain IDENTIFY x DEVICE page
ata_dev_select  Select device 0/1 on ATA bus
ata_dev_set_protocol  set taskfile protocol and r/w commands
ata_dev_set_xfermode  Issue SET FEATURES - XFER MODE command
ata_dev_try_classify  Parse returned ATA device signature
ata_devchk  PATA device presence detection
ata_device_add  Register hardware device with ATA and SCSI layers
ata_device_resume  wakeup a previously suspended devices
ata_device_suspend  prepare a device for suspend
ata_do_simple_cmd  Set port up for dma.
ata_dump_id  IDENTIFY DEVICE info debugging output
ata_eng_timeout  Handle timeout of queued command
ata_exec  issue ATA command to host controller
ata_exec_command  issue ATA command to host controller
ata_exec_command_mmio  issue ATA command to host controller
ata_exec_command_pio  issue ATA command to host controller
ata_fill_sg  Fill PCI IDE PRD table
ata_get_xlat_func  check if SCSI to ATA translation is possible
ata_host_add  Attach low-level ATA driver to system
ata_host_init  Initialize an ata_port structure
ata_host_intr  Handle host interrupt for given (port, task)
ata_host_remove  Unregister SCSI host structure with upper layers
ata_interrupt  Default ATA host interrupt handler
ata_mmio_data_xfer  Transfer data by MMIO
ata_mmio_devchk  PATA device presence detection
ata_mode_string  convert UDMA bit offset to string
ata_msense_caching  Simulate MODE SENSE caching info page
ata_msense_ctl_mode  Simulate MODE SENSE control mode page
ata_msense_push  Push data onto MODE SENSE data output buffer
ata_msense_rw_recovery  Simulate MODE SENSE r/w error recovery page
ata_noop_dev_select  Select device 0/1 on ATA bus
ata_pci_init_native_mode  Initialize native-mode driver
ata_pci_init_one  Initialize/register PCI IDE host controller
ata_pci_remove_one  PCI layer callback for device removal
ata_pio_block  (unknown subject)
ata_pio_complete  (unknown subject)
ata_pio_data_xfer  Transfer data by PIO
ata_pio_devchk  PATA device presence detection
ata_pio_poll  (unknown subject)
ata_pio_sector  Transfer ATA_SECT_SIZE (512 bytes) of data.
ata_poll_qc_complete  turn irq back on and finish qc
ata_port_disable  Disable port.
ata_port_probe  Mark port as enabled
ata_port_stop  Undo ata_port_start
ata_prot_to_cmd  determine which read/write opcodes to use
ata_qc_complete  Complete an active ATA command
ata_qc_free  free unused ata_queued_cmd
ata_qc_issue  issue taskfile to device
ata_qc_issue_prot  issue taskfile to device in proto-dependent manner
ata_qc_new  Request an available ATA command, for queueing
ata_qc_new_init  Request an available ATA command, and initialize it
ata_qc_prep  Prepare taskfile for submission
ata_qc_timeout  Handle timeout of queued command
ata_scsi_badcmd  End a SCSI request with an error
ata_scsi_dump_cdb  dump SCSI command contents to dmesg
ata_scsi_error  SCSI layer error handler callback
ata_scsi_find_dev  lookup ata_device from scsi_cmnd
ata_scsi_flush_xlat  Translate SCSI SYNCHRONIZE CACHE command
ata_scsi_qc_new  acquire new ata_queued_cmd reference
ata_scsi_queuecmd  Issue SCSI cdb to libata-managed device
ata_scsi_rbuf_fill  wrapper for SCSI command simulators
ata_scsi_rbuf_get  Map response buffer.
ata_scsi_rbuf_put  Unmap response buffer.
ata_scsi_release  SCSI layer callback hook for host unload
ata_scsi_rw_xlat  Translate SCSI r/w command into an ATA one
ata_scsi_simulate  simulate SCSI command on ATA device
ata_scsi_slave_config  Set SCSI device attributes
ata_scsi_translate  Translate then issue SCSI command to ATA device
ata_scsi_verify_xlat  Translate SCSI VERIFY command into an ATA one
ata_scsiop_inq_00  Simulate INQUIRY EVPD page 0, list of pages
ata_scsiop_inq_80  Simulate INQUIRY EVPD page 80, device serial number
ata_scsiop_inq_83  Simulate INQUIRY EVPD page 83, device identity
ata_scsiop_inq_std  Simulate INQUIRY command
ata_scsiop_mode_sense  Simulate MODE SENSE 6, 10 commands
ata_scsiop_noop  Command handler that simply returns success.
ata_scsiop_read_cap  Simulate READ CAPACITY[ 16] commands
ata_scsiop_report_luns  Simulate REPORT LUNS command
ata_set_mode  Program timings and issue SET FEATURES - XFER
ata_sg_clean  Unmap DMA memory associated with command
ata_sg_init  Associate command with scatter-gather table.
ata_sg_init_one  Associate command with memory buffer
ata_sg_setup  DMA-map the scatter-gather table associated with a command.
ata_sg_setup_one  DMA-map the memory buffer associated with a command.
ata_std_bios_param  generic bios head/sector/cylinder calculator used by sd.
ata_std_dev_select  Select device 0/1 on ATA bus
ata_std_ports  initialize ioaddr with standard port offsets.
ata_tf_from_fis  Convert SATA FIS to ATA taskfile
ata_tf_load  send taskfile registers to host controller
ata_tf_load_mmio  send taskfile registers to host controller
ata_tf_load_pio  send taskfile registers to host controller
ata_tf_read  input device's ATA taskfile shadow registers
ata_tf_read_mmio  input device's ATA taskfile shadow registers
ata_tf_read_pio  input device's ATA taskfile shadow registers
ata_tf_to_fis  Convert ATA taskfile to SATA FIS structure
ata_tf_to_host  issue ATA taskfile to host controller
ata_tf_to_host_nolock  issue ATA taskfile to host controller
ata_to_sense_error  convert ATA error to SCSI error
atapi_packet_task  Write CDB bytes to hardware
atapi_pio_bytes  Transfer data from/to the ATAPI device.
atapi_xlat  Initialize PACKET taskfile
atomic_add  add integer to atomic variable
atomic_add_negative  add and test if negative
atomic_add_return  add and return
atomic_dec  decrement atomic variable
atomic_dec_and_test  decrement and test
atomic_inc  increment atomic variable
atomic_inc_and_test  increment and test
atomic_read  read atomic variable
atomic_set  set atomic variable
atomic_sub  subtract the atomic variable
atomic_sub_and_test  subtract value from variable and test result
balance_dirty_pages_ratelimited  balance dirty memory state
bio_add_page  attempt to add page to bio
bio_alloc_bioset  allocate a bio for I/O
bio_clone  clone a bio
bio_copy_user  copy user data to bio
bio_endio  end I/O on a bio
bio_get_nr_vecs  return approx number of vecs
bio_map_user  map user address into bio
bio_put  release a reference to a bio
bio_uncopy_user  finish previously mapped bio
bio_unmap_user  unmap a bio
blk_attempt_remerge  attempt to remerge active head with next request
blk_cleanup_queue  release a &request_queue_t when it is no longer needed
blk_complete_barrier_rq  complete possible barrier request
blk_complete_barrier_rq_locked  complete possible barrier request
blk_congestion_wait  wait for a queue to become uncongested
blk_end_sync_rq  executes a completion event on a request
blk_execute_rq  insert a request into queue for execution
blk_get_backing_dev_info  get the address of a queue's backing_dev_info
blk_init_queue  prepare a request queue for use with a block device
blk_insert_request  insert a special request in to a request queue
blk_queue_bounce_limit  set bounce buffer limit for queue
blk_queue_dma_alignment  set dma length and memory alignment
blk_queue_end_tag  end tag operations for a request
blk_queue_find_tag  find a request by its tag and queue
blk_queue_free_tags  release tag maintenance info
blk_queue_hardsect_size  set hardware sector size for the queue
blk_queue_init_tags  initialize the queue tag info
blk_queue_invalidate_tags  invalidate all pending tags
blk_queue_issue_flush_fn  set function for issuing a flush
blk_queue_make_request  define an alternate make_request function for a device
blk_queue_max_hw_segments  set max hw segments for a request for this queue
blk_queue_max_phys_segments  set max phys segments for a request for this queue
blk_queue_max_sectors  set max sectors for a request for this queue
blk_queue_max_segment_size  set max segment size for blk_rq_map_sg
blk_queue_merge_bvec  set a merge_bvec function for queue
blk_queue_ordered  does this queue support ordered writes
blk_queue_prep_rq  set a prepare_request function for queue
blk_queue_resize_tags  change the queueing depth
blk_queue_segment_boundary  set boundary rules for segment merging
blk_queue_stack_limits  inherit underlying queue limits for stacked drivers
blk_queue_start_tag  find a free tag and assign it
blk_requeue_request  put a request back on queue
blk_rq_map_user  map user data to a request, for REQ_BLOCK_PC usage
blk_rq_unmap_user  unmap a request with user data
blk_run_queue  run a single device queue
blk_start_queue  restart a previously stopped queue
blk_stop_queue  stop a queue
blk_sync_queue  cancel any pending callbacks on a queue
blkdev_issue_flush  queue a flush
block_invalidatepage  invalidate part of all of a buffer-backed page
bmap  find a block number in a file
bus_add_device  add device to bus
bus_find_device  device iterator for locating a particular device.
bus_for_each_dev  device iterator.
bus_for_each_drv  driver iterator
bus_register  register a bus with the system.
bus_remove_device  remove device from bus
bus_rescan_devices  rescan devices on the bus for possible drivers
bus_unregister  remove a bus from the system
call_rcu  Queue an RCU callback for invocation after a grace period.
call_rcu_bh  Queue an RCU for invocation after a quicker grace period.
call_usermodehelper_keys  start a usermode application
capable  calls the currently loaded security module's capable function with the specified capability
change_bit  Toggle a bit in memory
check_create  [GENERIC] create and write bbt(s) if neccecary
check_pattern  [GENERIC] check if a pattern is in the buffer
check_short_pattern  [GENERIC] check if a pattern is in the buffer
check_signature  find BIOS signatures
clear_bit  Clears a bit in memory
clear_inode  clear an inode
close_bdev_excl  release a blockdevice openen by open_bdev_excl
container_of  cast a member of a structure out to the containing structure
copy_from_user_toio  copy data from user-space to mmio-space
copy_to_user_fromio  copy data from mmio-space to user-space
create_bbt  [GENERIC] Create a bad block table by scanning the device
d_add  add dentry to hash queues
d_add_unique  add dentry to hash queues without aliasing
d_alloc  allocate a dcache entry
d_alloc_anon  allocate an anonymous dentry
d_alloc_root  allocate root dentry
d_delete  delete a dentry
d_instantiate  fill in inode information for a dentry
d_instantiate_unique  instantiate a non-aliased dentry
d_invalidate  invalidate a dentry
d_lookup  search for a dentry
d_move  move a dentry
d_rehash  add an entry back to the hash
d_splice_alias  splice a disconnected dentry into the tree if one exists
d_unhashed  is dentry hashed
d_validate  verify dentry provided from insecure source
datagram_poll  generic datagram poll
deactivate_super  drop an active reference to superblock
debugfs_create_bool  create a file in the debugfs filesystem that is used to read and write a boolean value.
debugfs_create_dir  create a directory in the debugfs filesystem
debugfs_create_file  create a file in the debugfs filesystem
debugfs_create_u16  create a file in the debugfs filesystem that is used to read and write a unsigned 8 bit value.
debugfs_create_u32  create a file in the debugfs filesystem that is used to read and write a unsigned 8 bit value.
debugfs_create_u8  create a file in the debugfs filesystem that is used to read and write a unsigned 8 bit value.
debugfs_remove  removes a file or directory from the debugfs filesystem
decode_rs16  Decode codeword (16bit data width)
decode_rs8  Decode codeword (8bit data width)
dev_add_pack  add packet handler
dev_alloc_name  allocate a name for a device
dev_alloc_skb  allocate an skbuff for sending
dev_close  shutdown an interface.
dev_get_by_flags  find any device with given flags
dev_get_by_index  find a device by its ifindex
dev_get_by_name  find a device by its name
dev_ioctl  network device ioctl
dev_load  load a network module
dev_open  prepare an interface for use.
dev_queue_xmit  transmit a buffer
dev_remove_pack  remove packet handler
dev_set_allmulti  update allmulti count on a device
dev_set_promiscuity  update promiscuity count on a device
devfs_mk_dir  Create a directory in the devfs namespace.
device_add  add device to device hierarchy.
device_create_file  create sysfs attribute file for device.
device_del  delete device from system.
device_for_each_child  device child iterator.
device_initialize  init device structure.
device_pm_set_parent  Specify power dependency.
device_power_down  Shut down special devices.
device_power_up  Turn on all devices that need special attention.
device_register  register a device with the system.
device_remove_file  remove sysfs attribute file.
device_resume  Restore state of each device in system.
device_suspend  Save state and stop all devices in system.
device_unregister  unregister device from system.
dget  get a reference to a dentry
dma_pool_alloc  get a block of consistent memory
dma_pool_create  Creates a pool of consistent memory blocks, for dma.
dma_pool_destroy  destroys a pool of dma memory blocks.
dma_pool_free  put block back into dma pool
driver_create_file  create sysfs file for driver.
driver_find  locate driver on a bus by its name.
driver_find_device  device iterator for locating a particular device.
driver_for_each_device  Iterator for devices bound to a driver.
driver_register  register driver with bus
driver_remove_file  remove sysfs file for driver.
driver_unregister  remove driver from system.
ei_close  shut down network device
ei_interrupt  handle the interrupts from an 8390
ei_open  Open/initialize the board.
encode_rs16  Calculate the parity for data values (16bit data width)
encode_rs8  Calculate the parity for data values (8bit data width)
end_that_request_chunk  end I/O on a request
end_that_request_first  end I/O on a request
enum_sock_type  Socket types
fb_add_videomode  (unknown subject)
fb_alloc_cmap  allocate a colormap
fb_copy_cmap  copy a colormap
fb_dealloc_cmap  deallocate a colormap
fb_default_cmap  get default colormap
fb_delete_videomode  (unknown subject)
fb_destroy_modelist  (unknown subject)
fb_find_best_mode  find best matching videomode
fb_find_mode  finds a valid video mode
fb_find_nearest_mode  find mode closest video mode
fb_get_options  get kernel boot parameters
fb_invert_cmaps  invert all defaults colormaps
fb_match_mode  find a videomode which exactly matches the timings in var
fb_mode_is_equal  compare 2 videomodes
fb_register_client  register a client notifier
fb_set_cmap  set the colormap
fb_set_suspend  low level driver signals suspend
fb_try_mode  test a video mode
fb_unregister_client  unregister a client notifier
fb_var_to_videomode  convert fb_var_screeninfo to fb_videomode
fb_videomode_to_modelist  (unknown subject)
fb_videomode_to_var  convert fb_videomode to fb_var_screeninfo
fcntl_getlease  Enquire what lease is currently active
fcntl_setlease  sets a lease on an open file
ffs  find first bit set
ffz  find first zero in word.
filemap_fdatawait  walk the list of under-writeback pages of the given
find_bus  locate bus by name.
find_first_bit  find the first set bit in a memory region
find_first_zero_bit  find the first zero bit in a memory region
find_get_pages  gang pagecache lookup
find_inode_number  check for dentry with name
find_lock_page  locate, pin and lock a pagecache page
find_next_bit  find the first set bit in a memory region
find_next_zero_bit  find the first zero bit in a memory region
find_or_create_page  locate or add a pagecache page
flock_lock_file_wait  Apply a FLOCK-style lock to a file
free_netdev  free network device
free_percpu  free previously allocated percpu memory
free_rs  Free the rs control structure, if its not longer used
freeze_bdev  - lock a filesystem and force it into a consistent state
gen_kill_estimator  remove a rate estimator
gen_new_estimator  create a new rate estimator
gen_replace_estimator  replace rate estimator configruation
generic_make_request  (unknown subject)
generic_osync_inode  flush all dirty data for a given inode to disk
generic_permission  check for access rights on a Posix-like filesystem
generic_shutdown_super  common helper for - >kill_sb
generic_unplug_device  fire a request queue
get_device  increment reference count for device.
get_driver  increment driver reference count.
get_locks_status  reports lock usage in /proc/locks
get_super  get the superblock of a device
get_unaligned  get value from possibly mis-aligned location
get_user  Get a simple variable from user space.
gnet_stats_copy_app  copy application specific statistics into statistics TLV
gnet_stats_copy_basic  copy basic statistics into statistic TLV
gnet_stats_copy_queue  copy queue statistics into statistics TLV
gnet_stats_copy_rate_est  copy rate estimator statistics into statistics TLV
gnet_stats_finish_copy  finish dumping procedure
gnet_stats_start_copy  start dumping procedure in compatibility mode
gnet_stats_start_copy_compat  start dumping procedure in compatibility mode
have_submounts  check for mounts over a dentry
hlist_add_head_rcu  adds the specified element to the specified hlist,
hlist_del_rcu  deletes entry from hash list without re-initialization
hlist_for_each_entry  iterate over list of given type
hlist_for_each_entry_continue  iterate over a hlist continuing after existing point
hlist_for_each_entry_from  iterate over a hlist continuing from existing point
hlist_for_each_entry_rcu  iterate over rcu list of given type
hlist_for_each_entry_safe  iterate over list of given type safe against removal of list entry
hweight32  returns the hamming weight of a N-bit word
idle_cpu  is a given cpu idle currently?
iget5_locked  obtain an inode from a mounted file system
iget_locked  obtain an inode from a mounted file system
ilookup  search for an inode in the inode cache
ilookup5  search for an inode in the inode cache
ilookup5_nowait  search for an inode in the inode cache
init_rs  Find a matching or allocate a new rs control structure
inode_update_time  update mtime and ctime time
insert_resource  Inserts a resource in the resource tree
invalidate_inode_pages2  remove all pages from an address_space
invalidate_inode_pages2_range  remove range of pages from an address_space
invalidate_inodes  discard the inodes on a device
ioremap  map bus memory into CPU space
ipc64_perm_to_ipc_perm  convert old ipc permissions to new
ipc_addid  add an IPC identifier
ipc_alloc  allocate ipc space
ipc_findkey  find a key in an ipc identifier set
ipc_free  free ipc space
ipc_immediate_free  free ipc + rcu space
ipc_init  initialise IPC subsystem
ipc_init_ids  initialise IPC identifiers
ipc_parse_version  IPC call version
ipc_rcu_alloc  allocate ipc and rcu space
ipc_rmid  remove an IPC identifier
ipc_schedule_free  free ipc + rcu space
ipcperms  check IPC permissions
iput  put an inode
is_bad_inode  is an inode errored
iunique  get a unique inode number
journal_abort  Shutdown the journal immediately.
journal_ack_err  Ack journal err.
journal_check_available_features  Check feature set in journalling layer
journal_check_used_features  Check if features specified are used.
journal_clear_err  clears the journal's error state
journal_create  Initialise the new journal file
journal_destroy  Release a journal_t structure.
journal_dirty_data  mark a buffer as containing dirty data which
journal_dirty_metadata  mark a buffer as containing dirty metadata
journal_errno  returns the journal's error state.
journal_extend  extend buffer credits.
journal_flush  Flush journal
journal_forget  bforget for potentially-journaled buffers.
journal_get_create_access  notify intent to use newly created bh
journal_get_undo_access  Notify intent to modify metadata with
journal_get_write_access  notify intent to modify a buffer for metadata (not data) update.
journal_init_dev  creates an initialises a journal structure
journal_init_inode  creates a journal which maps to a inode.
journal_invalidatepage  (unknown subject)
journal_load  Read journal from disk.
journal_lock_updates  establish a transaction barrier.
journal_recover  recovers a on-disk journal
journal_restart  restart a handle .
journal_set_features  Mark a given journal feature in the superblock
journal_start  Obtain a new handle.
journal_stop  complete a transaction
journal_try_to_free_buffers  try to free page buffers.
journal_unlock_updates  release barrier
journal_update_format  Update on-disk journal structure.
journal_update_superblock  Update journal sb on disk.
journal_wipe  Wipe journal contents
kcalloc  allocate memory for an array. The memory is set to zero.
kernel_to_ipc64_perm  convert kernel ipc permissions to user
kfifo_alloc  allocates a new FIFO and its internal buffer
kfifo_free  frees the FIFO
kfifo_get  gets some data from the FIFO
kfifo_init  allocates a new FIFO using a preallocated buffer
kfifo_len  returns the number of bytes available in the FIFO
kfifo_put  puts some data into the FIFO
kfifo_reset  removes the entire FIFO contents
kfree  free previously allocated memory
kfree_skb  free an sk_buff
kmem_cache_alloc  Allocate an object
kmem_cache_alloc_node  Allocate an object on the specified node
kmem_cache_create  Create a cache.
kmem_cache_destroy  delete a cache
kmem_cache_free  Deallocate an object
kmem_cache_shrink  Shrink a cache.
kobject_add  add an object to the hierarchy.
kobject_del  unlink kobject from hierarchy.
kobject_get  increment refcount for object.
kobject_init  initialize object.
kobject_put  decrement refcount for object.
kobject_register  initialize and add an object.
kobject_set_name  Set the name of an object
kobject_unregister  remove object from hierarchy and decrement refcount.
kset_find_obj  search for object in kset.
kset_register  initialize and add a kset.
kset_unregister  remove a kset.
ksoftirqd  Softirq daemon
lease_get_mtime  (unknown subject)
list_add  add a new entry
list_add_rcu  add a new entry to rcu-protected list
list_add_tail  add a new entry
list_add_tail_rcu  add a new entry to rcu-protected list
list_del  deletes entry from list.
list_del_init  deletes entry from list and reinitialize it.
list_del_rcu  deletes entry from list without re-initialization
list_empty  tests whether a list is empty
list_empty_careful  tests whether a list is
list_entry  get the struct for this entry
list_for_each  iterate over a list
list_for_each_continue_rcu  iterate over an rcu-protected list
list_for_each_entry  iterate over list of given type
list_for_each_entry_continue  iterate over list of given type
list_for_each_entry_rcu  iterate over rcu list of given type
list_for_each_entry_reverse  iterate backwards over list of given type.
list_for_each_entry_safe  iterate over list of given type safe against removal of list entry
list_for_each_prev  iterate over a list backwards
list_for_each_rcu  iterate over an rcu-protected list
list_for_each_safe  iterate over a list safe against removal of list entry
list_for_each_safe_rcu  iterate over an rcu-protected list safe
list_move  delete from one list and add as another's head
list_move_tail  delete from one list and add as another's tail
list_prepare_entry  prepare a pos entry for use as a start point in
list_splice  join two lists
list_splice_init  join two lists and reinitialise the emptied list.
ll_rw_block  level access to block devices (DEPRECATED)
lock_may_read  checks that the region is free of locks
lock_may_write  checks that the region is free of locks
locks_mandatory_area  Check for a conflicting lock
locks_mandatory_locked  Check for an active lock
lookup_create  lookup a dentry, creating it if it doesn't exist
make_bad_inode  mark an inode bad due to an I/O error
mark_bbt_region  [GENERIC] mark the bad block table regions
mark_buffer_dirty  mark a buffer_head as needing writeout
mca_disable_dma  channel to disable DMA on
mca_enable_dma  channel to enable DMA on
mca_get_dma_addr  load a 24bit DMA address
mca_get_dma_residue  get the remaining bytes to transfer
mca_set_dma_addr  load a 24bit DMA address
mca_set_dma_count  load a 16bit transfer count
mca_set_dma_io  set the port for an I/O transfer
mca_set_dma_mode  set the DMA mode
mdio_read  read MII PHY register
mdio_write  write MII PHY register
memchr  Find a character in an area of memory.
memcmp  Compare two areas of memory
memcpy  Copy one area of memory to another
memmove  Copy one area of memory to another
mempool_alloc  allocate an element from a specific memory pool
mempool_create  create a memory pool
mempool_destroy  deallocate a memory pool
mempool_free  return an element to the pool.
mempool_resize  resize an existing memory pool
memscan  Find a character in an area of memory.
memset  Fill a region of memory with the given value
mii_ioctl  process MII i/o control command
misc_deregister  unregister a miscellaneous device
misc_register  register a miscellaneous device
mod_reg_security  allows security modules to be stacked
mod_unreg_security  allows a security module registered with mod_reg_security to be unloaded
module_exit  driver exit entry point
module_init  driver initialization entry point
move_addr_to_kernel  copy a socket address into kernel space
move_addr_to_user  copy an address to user space
mpage_readpages  populate an address space with some pages, and
mpage_writepages  walk the list of dirty pages of the given
msleep  sleep safely even with waitqueue interruptions
msleep_interruptible  sleep waiting for signals
mtrr_add  Add a memory type region
mtrr_del  delete a memory type region
multi_erase_cmd  [GENERIC] AND specific block erase command function
nand_block_bad  [DEFAULT] Read bad block marker from the chip
nand_block_checkbad  [GENERIC] Check if a block is marked bad
nand_block_isbad  [MTD Interface] Check whether the block at the given offset is bad
nand_block_markbad  [MTD Interface] Mark the block at the given offset as bad
nand_calculate_ecc  [NAND Interface] Calculate 3 byte ECC code for 256 byte block
nand_check_wp  [GENERIC] check if the chip is write protected
nand_command  [DEFAULT] Send command to NAND device
nand_command_lp  [DEFAULT] Send command to NAND large page device
nand_correct_data  [NAND Interface] Detect and correct bit error(s)
nand_default_bbt  [NAND Interface] Select a default bad block table for the device
nand_default_block_markbad  [DEFAULT] mark a block bad
nand_do_read_ecc  [MTD Interface] Read data with ECC
nand_erase  [MTD Interface] erase block(s)
nand_erase_nand  [NAND Interface] erase block(s)
nand_get_device  [GENERIC] Get chip for selected access
nand_isbad_bbt  [NAND Interface] Check if a block is bad
nand_memory_bbt  [GENERIC] create a memory based bad block table
nand_prepare_oobbuf  [GENERIC] Prepare the out of band buffer
nand_read  [MTD Interface] MTD compability function for nand_do_read_ecc
nand_read_buf  [DEFAULT] read chip data into buffer
nand_read_buf16  [DEFAULT] read chip data into buffer
nand_read_byte  [DEFAULT] read one byte from the chip
nand_read_byte16  [DEFAULT] read one byte endianess aware from the chip
nand_read_ecc  [MTD Interface] MTD compability function for nand_do_read_ecc
nand_read_oob  [MTD Interface] NAND read out-of-band
nand_read_raw  [GENERIC] Read raw data including oob into buffer
nand_read_word  [DEFAULT] read one word from the chip
nand_release  [NAND Interface] Free resources held by the NAND device
nand_release_device  [GENERIC] release chip
nand_scan  [NAND Interface] Scan for the NAND device
nand_scan_bbt  [NAND Interface] scan, find, read and maybe create bad block table(s)
nand_select_chip  [DEFAULT] control CE line
nand_sync  [MTD Interface] sync
nand_trans_result  [GENERIC] create non-inverted ECC
nand_update_bbt  [NAND Interface] update bad block table(s)
nand_verify_buf  [DEFAULT] Verify chip data against buffer
nand_verify_buf16  [DEFAULT] Verify chip data against buffer
nand_verify_pages  [GENERIC] verify the chip contents after a write
nand_wait  [DEFAULT] wait until the command is done
nand_write  [MTD Interface] compability function for nand_write_ecc
nand_write_buf  [DEFAULT] write buffer to chip
nand_write_buf16  [DEFAULT] write buffer to chip
nand_write_byte  [DEFAULT] write one byte to the chip
nand_write_byte16  [DEFAULT] write one byte endianess aware to the chip
nand_write_ecc  [MTD Interface] NAND write with ECC
nand_write_oob  [MTD Interface] NAND write out-of-band
nand_write_page  [GENERIC] write one page
nand_write_word  [DEFAULT] write one word to the chip
nand_writev  [MTD Interface] compabilty function for nand_writev_ecc
nand_writev_ecc  [MTD Interface] write with iovec with ecc
netdev_boot_setup_check  check boot time settings
netdev_features_change  device changes fatures
netdev_set_master  set up master/slave pair
netdev_state_change  device changes state
netif_rx  post buffer to the network code
new_inode  obtain an inode
notifier_call_chain  Call functions in a notifier chain
notifier_chain_register  Add notifier to a notifier chain
notifier_chain_unregister  Remove notifier from a notifier chain
open_bdev_excl  open a block device by name and set it up for use
page_dup_rmap  duplicate pte mapping to a page
panic  halt the system
pci_bus_add_device  (unknown subject)
pci_bus_add_devices  insert newly discovered PCI devices
pci_bus_alloc_resource  allocate a resource from a parent bus
pci_bus_find_capability  query for devices' capabilities
pci_bus_max_busnr  returns maximum PCI bus number of given bus' children
pci_choose_state  Choose the power state of a PCI device
pci_clear_mwi  disables Memory-Write-Invalidate for device dev
pci_dev_driver  get the pci_driver of a device
pci_dev_get  increments the reference count of the pci device structure
pci_dev_put  release a use of the pci device structure
pci_disable_device  Disable PCI device after use
pci_enable_device  Initialize device before it's used by a driver.
pci_enable_device_bars  Initialize some of a device for use
pci_enable_msi  configure device's MSI capability structure
pci_enable_msix  configure device's MSI-X capability structure
pci_enable_wake  enable device to generate PME# when suspended
pci_find_capability  query for devices' capabilities
pci_find_parent_resource  return resource region of parent bus of given region
pci_hp_change_slot_info  changes the slot's information structure in the core
pci_hp_deregister  deregister a hotplug_slot with the PCI hotplug subsystem
pci_hp_register  register a hotplug_slot with the PCI hotplug subsystem
pci_map_rom  map a PCI ROM to kernel space
pci_map_rom_copy  map a PCI ROM to kernel space, create a copy
pci_match_device  Tell if a PCI device structure has a matching
pci_match_id  See if a pci device matches a given pci_id table
pci_max_busnr  returns maximum PCI bus number
pci_osc_control_set  commit requested control to Firmware
pci_osc_support_set  register OS support to Firmware
pci_register_driver  register a new pci driver
pci_release_region  Release a PCI bar
pci_release_regions  Release reserved PCI I/O and memory resources
pci_remove_behind_bridge  remove all devices behind a PCI bridge
pci_remove_bus_device  remove a PCI device and any children
pci_remove_device_safe  remove an unused hotplug device
pci_remove_rom  disable the ROM and remove its sysfs attribute
pci_request_region  Reserved PCI I/O and memory resource
pci_request_regions  Reserved PCI I/O and memory resources
pci_restore_state  Restore the saved state of a PCI device
pci_save_state  save the PCI configuration space of a device before suspending
pci_scan_slot  scan a PCI slot on a bus for devices.
pci_set_master  enables bus-mastering for device dev
pci_set_mwi  enables memory-write-invalidate PCI transaction
pci_unmap_rom  unmap the ROM from kernel space
pci_unregister_driver  unregister a pci driver
phys_to_virt  map physical address to virtual
pid_alive  check that a task structure is not stale
piix_init_one  Register PIIX ATA PCI device with kernel services
piix_pata_cbl_detect  Probe host controller cable detect info
piix_pata_phy_reset  Probe specified port on PATA host controller
piix_sata_phy_reset  Probe specified port on SATA host controller
piix_sata_probe  Probe PCI device for present SATA devices
piix_set_dmamode  Initialize host controller PATA PIO timings
piix_set_piomode  Initialize host controller PATA PIO timings
platform_add_devices  add a numbers of platform devices
platform_device_register  add a platform-level device
platform_device_register_simple  (unknown subject)
platform_device_unregister  remove a platform-level device
platform_get_irq  get an IRQ for a device
platform_get_irq_byname  get an IRQ for a device
platform_get_resource  get a resource for a device
platform_get_resource_byname  get a resource for a device by name
pm_register  register a device with power management
pm_send_all  send request to all managed devices
pm_unregister  unregister a device with power management
pm_unregister_all  unregister all devices with matching callback
pnp_activate_dev  activates a PnP device for use
pnp_add_card  adds a PnP card to the PnP Layer
pnp_add_card_device  adds a device to the specified card
pnp_add_card_id  adds an EISA id to the specified card
pnp_add_id  adds an EISA id to the specified device
pnp_auto_config_dev  automatically assigns resources to a device
pnp_disable_dev  disables device
pnp_init_resource_table  Resets a resource table to default values.
pnp_is_active  Determines if a device is active based on its current resources
pnp_manual_config_dev  Disables Auto Config and Manually sets the resource table
pnp_register_card_driver  registers a PnP card driver with the PnP Layer
pnp_register_protocol  adds a pnp protocol to the pnp layer
pnp_release_card_device  call this when the driver no longer needs the device
pnp_remove_card  removes a PnP card from the PnP Layer
pnp_remove_card_device  removes a device from the specified card
pnp_remove_device  removes a pnp device from the pnp layer
pnp_request_card_device  Searches for a PnP device under the specified card
pnp_resource_change  change one resource
pnp_unregister_card_driver  unregisters a PnP card driver from the PnP Layer
pnp_unregister_protocol  removes a pnp protocol from the pnp layer
posix_block_lock  blocks waiting for a file lock
posix_lock_file  Apply a POSIX-style lock to a file
posix_lock_file_wait  Apply a POSIX-style lock to a file
posix_unblock_lock  stop waiting for a file lock
proc_dointvec  read a vector of integers
proc_dointvec_jiffies  read a vector of integers as seconds
proc_dointvec_minmax  read a vector of integers with min/max values
proc_dointvec_ms_jiffies  read a vector of integers as 1 milliseconds
proc_dointvec_userhz_jiffies  read a vector of integers as 1/USER_HZ seconds
proc_dostring  read a string sysctl
proc_doulongvec_minmax  read a vector of long integers with min/max values
proc_doulongvec_ms_jiffies_minmax  read a vector of millisecond values with min/max values
proc_pid_flush  recover memory used by stale /proc/pid/x entries
proc_pid_unhash  Unhash /proc/pid entry from the dcache.
pskb_copy  create copy of an sk_buff with private head.
pskb_expand_head  reallocate header of &sk_buff
pskb_trim_rcsum  trim received skb and update checksum
put_device  decrement reference count.
put_driver  decrement driver's refcount.
put_unaligned  put value to a possibly mis-aligned location
put_user  Write a simple value into user space.
rcu_barrier  Wait until all the in-flight RCUs are complete.
read_abs_bbt  [GENERIC] Read the bad block table starting at a given page
read_abs_bbts  [GENERIC] Read the bad block table(s) for all chips starting at a given page
read_bbt  [GENERIC] Read the bad block table starting from page
read_cache_pages  populate an address space with some pages, and
read_eeprom  Read Serial EEPROM
read_zsdata  Read the data port of a Z8530 channel
read_zsreg  Read a register from a Z85230
register_firmware  provide a firmware image for later usage
register_framebuffer  registers a frame buffer device
register_gifconf  register a SIOCGIF handler
register_netdev  register a network device
register_netdevice  register a network device
register_netdevice_notifier  register a network notifier block
register_reboot_notifier  Register function to be called at reboot time
register_security  registers a security framework with the kernel
register_serial  configure a 16x50 serial port at runtime
register_sound_dsp  register a DSP device
register_sound_midi  register a midi device
register_sound_mixer  register a mixer device
register_sound_special_device  register a special sound node
register_sound_synth  register a synth device
register_sysctl_table  register a sysctl hierarchy
release_firmware  release the resource associated with a firmware image
remove_inode_hash  remove an inode from the hash
reparent_to_init  Reparent the calling kernel thread to the init task.
request_firmware  request firmware to hotplug and wait for it
request_firmware_nowait  (unknown subject)
request_module  try to load a kernel module
rpc_wake_up  wake up all rpc_tasks
rpc_wake_up_status  wake up all rpc_tasks and set their status value.
sata_phy_reset  Reset SATA bus.
sched_setscheduler  change the scheduling policy and/or RT priority of
schedule_timeout  sleep until timeout
scnprintf  Format a string and place it in a buffer
search_bbt  [GENERIC] scan the device for a specific bad block table
search_read_bbts  [GENERIC] scan the device for bad block table(s)
seq_escape  print string into buffer, escaping some characters
seq_lseek  ->llseek method for sequential files.
seq_open  initialize sequential file
seq_read  ->read method for sequential files.
seq_release  free the structures associated with sequential file.
serial8250_register_port  register a serial port
serial8250_resume_port  resume one serial port
serial8250_suspend_port  suspend one serial port
serial8250_unregister_port  remove a 16x50 serial port at runtime
set_bit  Atomically set a bit in memory
set_rx_mode  Set SiS900 receive mode
sget  find or create a superblock
shrink_dcache_parent  prune dcache
shrink_dcache_sb  shrink dcache for a superblock
sil_dev_config  Apply device/host-specific errata fixups
simple_strtol  convert a string to a signed long
simple_strtoll  convert a string to a signed long long
simple_strtoul  convert a string to an unsigned long
simple_strtoull  convert a string to an unsigned long long
single_erase_cmd  [GENERIC] NAND standard block erase command function
sis630_set_eq  set phy equalizer value for 630 LAN
sis630e_get_mac_addr  Get MAC address for SiS630E model
sis635_get_mac_addr  Get MAC address for SIS635 model
sis900_auto_negotiate  Set the Auto-Negotiation Enable/Reset bit.
sis900_check_mode  check the media mode for sis900
sis900_close  close sis900 device
sis900_default_phy  Select default PHY for sis900 mac.
sis900_finish_xmit  finish up transmission of packets
sis900_get_drvinfo  Return information about driver
sis900_get_mac_addr  Get MAC address for stand alone SiS900 model
sis900_get_stats  Get sis900 read/write statistics
sis900_init_rx_ring  Initialize the Rx descriptor ring
sis900_init_rxfilter  Initialize the Rx filter
sis900_init_tx_ring  Initialize the Tx descriptor ring
sis900_interrupt  sis900 interrupt handler
sis900_mcast_bitnr  compute hashtable index
sis900_mii_probe  Probe MII PHY for sis900
sis900_open  open sis900 device
sis900_probe  Probe for sis900 device
sis900_read_mode  read media mode for sis900 internal phy
sis900_remove  Remove sis900 device
sis900_reset  Reset sis900 MAC
sis900_reset_phy  reset sis900 mii phy.
sis900_rx  sis900 receive routine
sis900_set_capability  set the media capability of network adapter.
sis900_set_config  Set media type by net_device.set_config
sis900_set_mode  Set the media mode of mac register.
sis900_start_xmit  sis900 start transmit routine
sis900_timer  sis900 timer routine
sis900_tx_timeout  sis900 transmit timeout routine
sis96x_get_mac_addr  Get MAC address for SiS962 or SiS963 model
sk_alloc  All socket objects are allocated here
sk_chk_filter  verify socket filter code
sk_eat_skb  Release a skb if it is no longer needed
sk_filter  run a packet through a socket filter
sk_filter_release  (unknown subject)
sk_run_filter  run a filter on a socket
sk_stream_wait_connect  Wait for a socket to get into the connected state
sk_stream_wait_memory  Wait for more memory for a socket
sk_stream_write_space  stream socket write_space callback.
sk_wait_data  wait for data to arrive at sk_receive_queue
skb_abort_seq_read  Abort a sequential read of skb data
skb_append  append a buffer
skb_clone  duplicate an sk_buff
skb_cloned  is the buffer a clone
skb_copy  create private copy of an sk_buff
skb_copy_and_csum_datagram_iovec  Copy and checkum skb to user iovec.
skb_copy_datagram_iovec  Copy a datagram to an iovec.
skb_copy_expand  copy and expand sk_buff
skb_cow  copy header of skb when it is required
skb_dequeue  remove from the head of the queue
skb_dequeue_tail  remove from the tail of the queue
skb_find_text  Find a text pattern in skb data
skb_get  reference buffer
skb_header_cloned  is the header a clone
skb_header_release  release reference to header
skb_headroom  bytes at buffer head
skb_insert  insert a buffer
skb_orphan  orphan a buffer
skb_over_panic  private function
skb_pad  zero pad the tail of an skb
skb_padto  pad an skbuff up to a minimal size
skb_peek  (unknown subject)
skb_peek_tail  (unknown subject)
skb_postpull_rcsum  update checksum for received skb after pull
skb_prepare_seq_read  Prepare a sequential read of skb data
skb_pull  remove data from the start of a buffer
skb_push  add data to the start of a buffer
skb_put  add data to a buffer
skb_queue_empty  check if a queue is empty
skb_queue_head  queue a buffer at the list head
skb_queue_len  get queue length
skb_queue_purge  empty a list
skb_queue_tail  queue a buffer at the list tail
skb_recv_datagram  Receive a datagram skbuff
skb_reserve  adjust headroom
skb_seq_read  Sequentially read skb data
skb_share_check  check if buffer is shared and if so clone it
skb_shared  is the buffer shared
skb_split  Split fragmented skb to two parts at length len.
skb_store_bits  store bits from kernel buffer to skb
skb_tailroom  bytes at buffer end
skb_trim  remove end from a buffer
skb_under_panic  private function
skb_unlink  remove a buffer from a list
skb_unshare  make a copy of a shared buffer
snd_assert  run-time assertion macro
snd_card_disconnect  disconnect all APIs from the file-operations (user space)
snd_card_file_add  add the file to the file list of the card
snd_card_file_remove  remove the file from the file list
snd_card_free  frees given soundcard structure
snd_card_free_in_thread  call snd_card_free in thread
snd_card_new  create and initialize a soundcard structure
snd_card_proc_new  create an info entry for the given card
snd_card_register  register the soundcard
snd_card_set_generic_pm_callback  set the generic power-management callbacks
snd_card_set_pm_callback  set the PCI power-management callbacks
snd_component_add  add a component string
snd_ctl_add  add the control instance to the card
snd_ctl_find_id  find the control instance with the given id
snd_ctl_find_numid  find the control instance with the given number-id
snd_ctl_free_one  release the control instance
snd_ctl_new  create a control instance from the template
snd_ctl_new1  create a control instance from the template
snd_ctl_remove  remove the control from the card and release it
snd_ctl_remove_id  remove the control of the given id and release it
snd_ctl_rename_id  replace the id of a control on the card
snd_device_free  release the device from the card
snd_device_new  create an ALSA device component
snd_device_register  register the device
snd_dma_alloc_pages  allocate the buffer area according to the given type
snd_dma_alloc_pages_fallback  allocate the buffer area according to the given type with fallback
snd_dma_disable  stop the ISA DMA transfer
snd_dma_free_pages  release the allocated buffer
snd_dma_get_reserved_buf  get the reserved buffer for the given device
snd_dma_pointer  return the current pointer to DMA transfer buffer in bytes
snd_dma_program  program an ISA DMA transfer
snd_dma_reserve_buf  reserve the buffer
snd_free_pages  release the pages
snd_hwdep_new  create a new hwdep instance
snd_info_create_card_entry  create an info entry for the given card
snd_info_create_module_entry  create an info entry for the given module
snd_info_free_entry  release the info entry
snd_info_get_line  read one line from the procfs buffer
snd_info_get_str  parse a string token
snd_info_register  register the info entry
snd_info_unregister  de-register the info entry
snd_interval_list  refine the interval value from the list
snd_interval_ratnum  refine the interval value
snd_interval_refine  refine the interval value of configurator
snd_iprintf  printf on the procfs buffer
snd_malloc_pages  allocate pages with the given size
snd_pcm_capture_empty  check whether the capture buffer is empty
snd_pcm_capture_ready  check whether the capture buffer is available
snd_pcm_hw_constraint_integer  (unknown subject)
snd_pcm_hw_constraint_list  (unknown subject)
snd_pcm_hw_constraint_minmax  (unknown subject)
snd_pcm_hw_constraint_msbits  (unknown subject)
snd_pcm_hw_constraint_pow2  (unknown subject)
snd_pcm_hw_constraint_ratdens  (unknown subject)
snd_pcm_hw_constraint_ratnums  (unknown subject)
snd_pcm_hw_constraint_step  (unknown subject)
snd_pcm_hw_param_first  (unknown subject)
snd_pcm_hw_param_last  (unknown subject)
snd_pcm_hw_param_mask  (unknown subject)
snd_pcm_hw_param_near  (unknown subject)
snd_pcm_hw_param_set  (unknown subject)
snd_pcm_hw_param_value_max  (unknown subject)
snd_pcm_hw_param_value_min  (unknown subject)
snd_pcm_hw_rule_add  add the hw-constraint rule
snd_pcm_lib_free_pages  release the allocated DMA buffer.
snd_pcm_lib_ioctl  a generic PCM ioctl callback
snd_pcm_lib_malloc_pages  allocate the DMA buffer
snd_pcm_lib_preallocate_free_for_all  release all pre-allocated buffers on the pcm
snd_pcm_lib_preallocate_pages  pre-allocation for the given DMA type
snd_pcm_lib_preallocate_pages_for_all  pre-allocation for continous memory type (all substreams)
snd_pcm_new  create a new PCM instance
snd_pcm_new_stream  create a new PCM stream
snd_pcm_period_elapsed  update the pcm status for the next period
snd_pcm_playback_data  check whether any data exists on the playback buffer
snd_pcm_playback_empty  check whether the playback buffer is empty
snd_pcm_playback_ready  check whether the playback buffer is available
snd_pcm_set_ops  set the PCM operators
snd_pcm_set_sync  set the PCM sync id
snd_pcm_sgbuf_ops_page  get the page struct at the given offset
snd_pcm_stop  (unknown subject)
snd_pcm_suspend  (unknown subject)
snd_pcm_suspend_all  (unknown subject)
snd_power_wait  wait until the power-state is changed.
snd_printd  debug printk
snd_printdd  debug printk
snd_printk  printk wrapper
snd_rawmidi_new  create a rawmidi instance
snd_rawmidi_receive  receive the input data from the device
snd_rawmidi_set_ops  set the rawmidi operators
snd_rawmidi_transmit  copy from the buffer to the device
snd_rawmidi_transmit_ack  acknowledge the transmission
snd_rawmidi_transmit_empty  check whether the output buffer is empty
snd_rawmidi_transmit_peek  copy data from the internal buffer
snd_register_device  Register the ALSA device file for the card
snd_request_card  try to load the card module
snd_runtime_check  run-time assertion macro
snd_unregister_device  unregister the device on the given card
snprintf  Format a string and place it in a buffer
sock_release  close a socket
sockfd_lookup  Go from a file number to its socket slot
spans_boundary  Check a packet can be ISA DMA'd
sppp_attach  attach synchronous PPP/HDLC to a device
sppp_change_mtu  Change the link MTU
sppp_close  close down a synchronous PPP or Cisco HDLC link
sppp_detach  release PPP resources from a device
sppp_do_ioctl  Ioctl handler for ppp/hdlc
sppp_input  receive and process a WAN PPP frame
sppp_open  open a synchronous PPP or Cisco HDLC link
sppp_reopen  notify of physical link loss
sprintf  Format a string and place it in a buffer
sscanf  Unformat a buffer into a list of arguments
strcat  Append one NUL-terminated string to another
strchr  Find the first occurrence of a character in a string
strcmp  Compare two strings
strcpy  Copy a NUL terminated string
strcspn  Calculate the length of the initial substring of s which does
strlcat  Append a length-limited, NUL-terminated string to another
strlcpy  Copy a NUL terminated string into a sized buffer
strlen  Find the length of a string
strlen_user  Get the size of a string in user space.
strncat  Append a length-limited, NUL-terminated string to another
strnchr  Find a character in a length limited string
strncmp  Compare two length-limited strings
strncpy  Copy a length-limited, NUL-terminated string
strnicmp  Case insensitive, length-limited string comparison
strnlen  Find the length of a length-limited string
strpbrk  Find the first occurrence of a set of characters
strrchr  Find the last occurrence of a character in a string
strsep  Split a string into tokens
strspn  Calculate the length of the initial substring of s which only
strstr  Find the first substring in a NUL terminated string
struct_export_operations  for nfsd to communicate with file systems
struct_gnet_estimator  rate estimator configuration
struct_gnet_stats_basic  byte/packet throughput statistics
struct_gnet_stats_queue  queuing statistics
struct_gnet_stats_rate_est  rate estimator
struct_handle_s  The handle_s type is the concrete type associated with
struct_journal_s  The journal_s type is the concrete type associated with
struct_nand_bbt_descr  bad block table descriptor
struct_nand_chip  NAND Private Flash Chip Data
struct_nand_flash_dev  NAND Flash Device ID Structure
struct_nand_hw_control  Control structure for hardware controller (e.g ECC generator) shared among independend devices
struct_nand_manufacturers  NAND Flash Manufacturer ID Structure
struct_rs_control  rs control structure
struct_sk_buff  socket buffer
struct_sock  network layer representation of sockets
struct_sock_common  minimal network layer representation of sockets
struct_socket  general BSD socket
struct_urb  USB Request Block
struct_usb_class_driver  identifies a USB driver that wants to use the USB major number
struct_usb_ctrlrequest  SETUP data for a USB device control request
struct_usb_driver  identifies USB driver to usbcore
struct_usb_ep  device side representation of USB endpoint
struct_usb_gadget  represents a usb slave device
struct_usb_gadget_driver  driver for usb 'slave' devices
struct_usb_gadget_strings  a set of USB strings in a given language
struct_usb_host_config  representation of a device's configuration
struct_usb_host_endpoint  host-side endpoint descriptor and queue
struct_usb_interface  what usb device drivers talk to
struct_usb_interface_cache  long-term representation of a device interface
struct_usb_request  describes one i/o request
struct_usb_sg_request  support for scatter/gather I/O
struct_usb_string  wraps a C string and its USB id
submit_bio  (unknown subject)
subsys_create_file  export sysfs attribute file.
subsys_remove_file  remove sysfs attribute file.
subsystem_register  register a subsystem.
svc_reserve  change the space reserved for the reply to a request.
swap_buf_le16  (unknown subject)
sync_inode  write an inode and its pages to disk.
sync_mapping_buffers  write out and wait upon a mapping's associated
synchronize_rcu  wait until a grace period has elapsed.
sys_flock  flock system call.
sys_tgkill  send signal to one specific thread
sysdev_driver_register  Register auxillary driver
sysdev_driver_unregister  Remove an auxillary driver.
sysdev_register  add a system device to the tree
sysfs_chmod_file  update the modified mode value on an object attribute.
sysfs_create_bin_file  create binary file for object.
sysfs_create_dir  create a directory for an object.
sysfs_create_file  create an attribute file for an object.
sysfs_create_link  create symlink between two objects.
sysfs_remove_bin_file  remove binary file for object.
sysfs_remove_dir  remove an object's directory.
sysfs_remove_file  remove an object attribute.
sysfs_remove_link  remove symlink in object's directory.
sysfs_update_file  update the modified timestamp on an object attribute.
task_nice  return the nice value of a given task.
test_and_change_bit  Change a bit and return its old value
test_and_clear_bit  Clear a bit and return its old value
test_and_set_bit  Set a bit and return its old value
test_bit  Determine whether a bit is set
thaw_bdev  - unlock filesystem
transport_add_device  declare a new dev for transport class association
transport_class_register  register an initial transport class
transport_class_unregister  unregister a previously registered class
transport_configure_device  configure an already set up device
transport_destroy_device  destroy a removed device
transport_remove_device  remove the visibility of a device
transport_setup_device  declare a new dev for transport class association
truncate_inode_pages  truncate *all* the pages from an offset
truncate_inode_pages_range  truncate range of pages specified by start and
try_to_release_page  release old fs-specific metadata on a page
typedef_handle_t  The handle_t type represents a single atomic update being performed by some process.
typedef_journal_t  The journal_t maintains all of the journaling state information for a single filesystem.
uart_add_one_port  attach a driver-defined port structure
uart_get_baud_rate  return baud rate for a particular port
uart_get_divisor  return uart clock divisor
uart_handle_cts_change  handle a change of clear-to-send state
uart_handle_dcd_change  handle a change of carrier detect state
uart_register_driver  register a driver with the uart core layer
uart_register_port  (unknown subject)
uart_remove_one_port  detach a driver defined port structure
uart_unregister_driver  remove a driver from the uart core layer
uart_unregister_port  de-allocate a port
uart_update_timeout  update per-port FIFO timeout.
unlock_page  unlock a locked page
unmap_mapping_range  unmap the portion of all mmaps
unregister_filesystem  unregister a file system
unregister_framebuffer  releases a frame buffer device
unregister_netdev  remove device from the kernel
unregister_netdevice  remove device from the kernel
unregister_netdevice_notifier  unregister a network notifier block
unregister_reboot_notifier  Unregister previously registered reboot notifier
unregister_security  unregisters a security framework with the kernel
unregister_serial  remove a 16x50 serial port at runtime
unregister_sound_dsp  unregister a DSP device
unregister_sound_midi  unregister a midi device
unregister_sound_mixer  unregister a mixer
unregister_sound_special  unregister a special sound device
unregister_sound_synth  unregister a synth device
unregister_sysctl_table  unregister a sysctl table hierarchy
update_atime  update the access time
usb_add_hcd  finish generic HCD structure initialization and register
usb_alloc_dev  usb device constructor (usbcore-internal)
usb_alloc_urb  creates a new urb for a USB driver to use
usb_altnum_to_altsetting  get the altsetting structure with a given
usb_buffer_alloc  allocate dma-consistent buffer for URB_NO_xxx_DMA_MAP
usb_buffer_dmasync  synchronize DMA and CPU view of buffer(s)
usb_buffer_dmasync_sg  synchronize DMA and CPU view of scatterlist buffer(s)
usb_buffer_free  free memory allocated with usb_buffer_alloc
usb_buffer_map  create DMA mapping(s) for an urb
usb_buffer_map_sg  create scatterlist DMA mapping(s) for an endpoint
usb_buffer_unmap  free DMA mapping(s) for an urb
usb_buffer_unmap_sg  free DMA mapping(s) for a scatterlist
usb_bulk_msg  Builds a bulk urb, sends it off and waits for completion
usb_bus_start_enum  start immediate enumeration (for OTG)
usb_calc_bus_time  approximate periodic transaction time in nanoseconds
usb_claim_bandwidth  records bandwidth for a periodic transfer
usb_clear_halt  tells device to clear endpoint halt/stall condition
usb_control_msg  Builds a control urb, sends it off and waits for completion
usb_create_hcd  create and initialize an HCD structure
usb_deregister  unregister a USB driver
usb_deregister_dev  deregister a USB device's dynamic minor.
usb_descriptor_fillbuf  fill buffer with descriptors
usb_disconnect  disconnect a device (usbcore-internal)
usb_driver_claim_interface  bind a driver to an interface
usb_driver_release_interface  unbind a driver from an interface
usb_ep_alloc_buffer  allocate an I/O buffer
usb_ep_alloc_request  allocate a request object to use with this endpoint
usb_ep_clear_halt  clears endpoint halt, and resets toggle
usb_ep_dequeue  dequeues (cancels, unlinks) an I/O request from an endpoint
usb_ep_disable  endpoint is no longer usable
usb_ep_enable  configure endpoint, making it usable
usb_ep_fifo_flush  flushes contents of a fifo
usb_ep_fifo_status  returns number of bytes in fifo, or error
usb_ep_free_buffer  frees an i/o buffer
usb_ep_free_request  frees a request object
usb_ep_queue  queues (submits) an I/O request to an endpoint.
usb_ep_set_halt  sets the endpoint halt feature.
usb_fill_bulk_urb  macro to help initialize a bulk urb
usb_fill_control_urb  initializes a control urb
usb_fill_int_urb  macro to help initialize a interrupt urb
usb_find_device  find a specific usb device in the system
usb_find_interface  find usb_interface pointer for driver and device
usb_free_urb  frees the memory used by a urb when all users of it are finished
usb_gadget_clear_selfpowered  clear the device selfpowered feature.
usb_gadget_config_buf  builts a complete configuration descriptor
usb_gadget_connect  software-controlled connect to USB host
usb_gadget_disconnect  software-controlled disconnect from USB host
usb_gadget_frame_number  returns the current frame number
usb_gadget_get_string  fill out a string descriptor
usb_gadget_register_driver  register a gadget driver
usb_gadget_set_selfpowered  sets the device selfpowered feature.
usb_gadget_unregister_driver  unregister a gadget driver
usb_gadget_vbus_connect  Notify controller that VBUS is powered
usb_gadget_vbus_disconnect  notify controller about VBUS session end
usb_gadget_vbus_draw  constrain controller's VBUS power usage
usb_gadget_wakeup  tries to wake up the host connected to this gadget
usb_get_current_frame_number  return current bus frame number
usb_get_descriptor  issues a generic GET_DESCRIPTOR request
usb_get_dev  increments the reference count of the usb device structure
usb_get_intf  increments the reference count of the usb interface structure
usb_get_status  issues a GET_STATUS call
usb_get_string  gets a string descriptor
usb_get_urb  increments the reference count of the urb
usb_hc_died  report abnormal shutdown of a host controller (bus glue)
usb_hcd_giveback_urb  return URB from HCD to device driver
usb_hcd_pci_probe  initialize PCI-based HCDs
usb_hcd_pci_remove  shutdown processing for PCI-based HCDs
usb_hcd_pci_resume  power management resume of a PCI-based HCD
usb_hcd_pci_suspend  power management suspend of a PCI-based HCD
usb_hcd_resume_root_hub  called by HCD to resume its root hub
usb_hub_tt_clear_buffer  clear control/bulk TT state in high speed hub
usb_ifnum_to_if  get the interface object with a given interface number
usb_init_urb  initializes a urb so that it can be used by a USB driver
usb_interface_claimed  returns true iff an interface is claimed
usb_kill_urb  cancel a transfer request and wait for it to finish
usb_lock_device  acquire the lock for a usb device structure
usb_lock_device_for_reset  cautiously acquire the lock for a
usb_make_path  returns stable device path in the usb tree
usb_match_id  find first usb_device_id matching device or interface
usb_put_dev  release a use of the usb device structure
usb_put_intf  release a use of the usb interface structure
usb_register  register a USB driver
usb_register_dev  register a USB device, and ask for a minor number
usb_release_bandwidth  reverses effect of usb_claim_bandwidth
usb_remove_hcd  shutdown processing for generic HCDs
usb_reset_configuration  lightweight device reset
usb_reset_device  perform a USB port reset to reinitialize a device
usb_resume_device  re-activate a suspended usb device
usb_set_device_state  change a device's current state (usbcore, hcds)
usb_set_interface  Makes a particular alternate setting be current
usb_sg_cancel  stop scatter/gather i/o issued by usb_sg_wait
usb_sg_init  initializes scatterlist-based bulk/interrupt I/O request
usb_sg_wait  synchronously execute scatter/gather request
usb_string  returns ISO 8859-1 version of a string descriptor
usb_submit_urb  issue an asynchronous transfer request for an endpoint
usb_suspend_device  suspend a usb device
usb_trylock_device  attempt to acquire the lock for a usb device structure
usb_unlink_urb  abort/cancel a transfer request for an endpoint
usb_unlock_device  release the lock for a usb device structure
verify_area  Obsolete/deprecated and will go away soon,
vfree  release memory allocated by vmalloc
video_register_device  register video4linux devices
video_unregister_device  unregister a video4linux device
virt_to_phys  map virtual addresses to physical
vmalloc  allocate virtually contiguous memory
vmalloc_32  allocate virtually contiguous memory (32bit addressable)
vmap  map an array of pages into virtually contiguous space
vscnprintf  Format a string and place it in a buffer
vsnprintf  Format a string and place it in a buffer
vsprintf  Format a string and place it in a buffer
vsscanf  Unformat a buffer into a list of arguments
vunmap  release virtual mapping obtained by vmap
write_bbt  [GENERIC] (Re)write the bad block table
write_inode_now  write an inode to disk
write_one_page  write out a single page and optionally wait on I/O
write_zsctrl  Write to a Z8530 control register
write_zsdata  Write to a Z8530 control register
write_zsreg  Write to a Z8530 channel register
xdr_encode_opaque  Encode variable length opaque data
xdr_encode_opaque_fixed  Encode fixed length opaque data
xdr_init_decode  Initialize an xdr_stream for decoding data.
xdr_init_encode  Initialize a struct xdr_stream for sending data.
xdr_inline_decode  Retrieve non-page XDR data to decode
xdr_read_pages  Ensure page-based XDR data to decode is aligned at current pointer position
xdr_reserve_space  Reserve buffer space for sending
xdr_write_pages  Insert a list of pages into an XDR buffer for sending
yield  yield the current processor to other threads.
z8530_channel_load  Load channel data
z8530_describe  Uniformly describe a Z8530 port
z8530_dma_rx  Handle a DMA RX event
z8530_dma_status  Handle a DMA status exception
z8530_dma_tx  Handle a DMA TX event
z8530_flush_fifo  Flush on chip RX FIFO
z8530_get_stats  Get network statistics
z8530_init  Initialise a Z8530 device
z8530_interrupt  Handle an interrupt from a Z8530
z8530_null_rx  Discard a packet
z8530_queue_xmit  Queue a packet
z8530_read_port  Architecture specific interface function
z8530_rtsdtr  Control the outgoing DTS/RTS line
z8530_rx  Handle a PIO receive event
z8530_rx_clear  Handle RX events from a stopped chip
z8530_rx_done  Receive completion callback
z8530_shutdown  Shutdown a Z8530 device
z8530_status  Handle a PIO status exception
z8530_status_clear  Handle status events from a stopped chip
z8530_sync_close  Close a PIO Z8530 channel
z8530_sync_dma_close  Close down DMA I/O
z8530_sync_dma_open  Open a Z8530 for DMA I/O
z8530_sync_open  Open a Z8530 channel for PIO
z8530_sync_txdma_close  Close down a TX driven DMA channel
z8530_sync_txdma_open  Open a Z8530 for TX driven DMA
z8530_tx  Handle a PIO transmit event
z8530_tx_begin  Begin packet transmission
z8530_tx_clear  Handle TX events from a stopped chip
z8530_tx_done  TX complete callback
z8530_write_port  Architecture specific interface function
zap_page_range  remove user pages in a given range
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